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Obituary for Benjamin Michael Brown

Benjamin M. Brown, 45, passed away peacefully at his home in Rotterdam, New York, Thursday, November 12th, 2020.

Ben was born January 8th, 1974, in Glenwood Springs, Colorado, to his Mother, Marietta MacGregor, and Father, William Brown. He soon moved to Washington state, where he spent his childhood and adolescent years. He lived in a few towns within the state, such as Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, and Lakewood. Ben also attended a couple of different schools within Washington, including, Evergreen Forest Elementary, and Hudtloff middle school. Around this time, Ben found his passion and love for music, guitar, woodshop, and art. He began playing in multiple different bands with his best friends, and took pride in the talent and hard work he put into his music. He later went on to both attend and play many live shows, which fully captured how he expressed himself and the love that he had for music. He would create woodworking’s throughout his lifetime and give them to his loved ones. Ben enjoyed creating anything that he could, and always did it with his whole heart. In his early adulthood, he moved from Washington to upstate New York, where he had his two children, Cadence Keefe, and Benjamin Brown.

Ben was an avid self-taught chef, working at many renowned restaurants and buildings throughout his career, such as ninety-nine, Applebee’s, The grape taste, Davidson Brothers, Mark’s restaurant and Grill, Hometown Pub, Union college, Dolce Vita, Chili’s, and O’Toole’s. He quickly made a popular name for himself, and received numerous accolades and recognition for his creativity, passion, drive, quality of work, and expertise in the food services industry. Ben also very much enjoyed fishing with his family and friends. He had many favorite fishing spots he would visit with his best friend Kim Crandall of Queensbury, New York. The two stayed best friends for years, and remained a significant part of each other’s lives. In his 30’s, Ben later moved to Lake Jackson, Texas, and began studying at Brazosport College while balancing his cooking endeavors. After college, he moved back to New York, and began living in Rotterdam where he remained until his death. Ben was also an avid sports fan. His favorite football team was the Denver Broncos, and his favorite baseball team the Boston Red Sox. Ben loved being in boats out on the water with his Mother, where he would ask her to row faster so that he could troll for fish while she did the speedy rowing.

Ben was survived by his two children Benjamin Brown and Cadence Keefe, Mother Marietta MacGregor Brown, Father William Brown, Stepmother Myra Brown, Brother Matt brown, Sister Melanie Cannarella, as well as numerous nieces, nephews, and cousins. He was preceded in death by his Brother William Brown, and Stepfather Russell Oden.

People who knew Ben would describe him as driven, passionate, loving, generous, nurturing, and compassionate. He touched everyone's hearts who had the pleasure of knowing him. He was a family and friend oriented man, who cherished spending time with them and creating memories. With Ben, came an unmatched charisma, love, and presence, that has left a permanent impact on the world, and will never be forgotten.